Importing 1BTC Token
1BTC is the HRC20 wrapped BTC on the Harmony network. Metamask does not display this token by default and will need to be imported. Follow these simple steps to view your 1BTC in Metamask.
#1 | Add the Harmony network to Metamask
First you'll need to add the Harmony network to Metamask if that hasn't been done. We have another section in on how to perform this quite easily:
Adding Harmony to Metamask
#2 | Open Metamask on Harmony Mainnet and click "Import Tokens"
Open Metamask while on the Harmony Mainnet network and then click the Import Tokens link at the bottom. This will display a new window with three text fields.
We will update the "Token Contract Address" field with the following value:
The "Token Symbol" and "Token Decimal" fields should auto populate to show 1BTC and 8. The result should look like the image below.
#3 | Click Add Custom Token to display 1BTC in Metamask
Click the Add Custom Token button followed by Import Token to complete the process. Your Metamask will now show you your balance of 1BTC.
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