Redeem (1BTC to BTC)
#1 | Navigate to and connect your Metamask wallet.
#2 | Click on the Redeem tab and enter the amount you wish to bridge back as BTC.
First, enter the amount of 1BTC you would like to redeem as BTC. Second, specify the BTC address to which you'd like to receive the BTC you are redeeming. Finally, click the Continue button to proceed with the redeem process.
#3 | Sign the Redeem request transaction using Metamask.
Click the Confirm button in Metamask to sign the transaction on the Harmony network. The fees on the Harmony network should be less than 1/2 a single ONE.
Note you will be charged a Bitcoin network fee which is automatically taken from your issued BTC. This fee is not implemented by Harmony but is a transaction fee required on the Bitcoin blockchain.
#4 | Wait for the BTC to be redeemed and transferred to your BTC address.
The external vault automatically picks up your redeem request and begins transferring your BTC back to your account. This can take upwards of 1-hour depending on the speed of the Bitcoin blockchain at the time you execute this transaction.
Wait for a sufficient number of confirmations to be received for the transferred BTC.
You may close this window above and come back at a later time. Simply browse back to and click the "My Transactions" link on the left to check the status.
#6 | The redeem is finalized and user receives BTC to their account.
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