How to find operation details

Operation page

If you perform your operation on, you see something like this:
This is your operation page. Every bridge operation is associated with a unique operation id, which is available in your operation page URL.
You can see an operation status on the top of the page (Success on the picture above).
On the page, you can find links to transactions of the operation steps and the status of each step.
If your operation page is still opened but you don’t see any content on it anymore, you can still get a full-page link with an operation ID in it. Please save it and include it in your support request. It will help us to find your operation.

Bridge operations explorer

You can also find your operation in the bridge operations explorer. You can check the “Only my transactions” checkbox to see your operations. The wallet you used for your operation must be connected to make it work.
You can see wallets used, operation status, token type, amount, and time of operation.
You can rely on the date and time, amount, and token type of the operation to find it. If you have a transaction hash you can also check by it (if it’s from the Harmony explorer, there are two hash options: Hash/ Ethereum hash).
Click the + on the left to see the operation steps:
Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 18.45.56.png
Operation steps also have a clickable hash that leads to the transaction’s page.
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