Grantee Guide
⭐ Welcome to the Harmony Grantee Community The first thing to do is tweet the great news! see example: Jelly Swap. Once you post, let us know and we will retweet. 🧞 Governor Group You have a governor group for your project. There is one person from the community, one angel, one validator, one pangaea captain, one harmony biz team and one harmony eng team. Your governors each have unique backgrounds. You should get to know them and how they can help during the grant and after. The governor group will be the main point of contact for everything related to your project - feel free to get feedback from governors and to test your product. Here is more info on our grant process and governors.
πŸ“ Weekly Deliverables
You agreed on 6 weekly deliverables for your grant. These must be completed and signed off by all of the governors on your weekly tweet in order to receive funding for that deliverable / week. Every Friday, you will reply to Stephen’s weekly #pow tweet with your completed deliverables for that week. Governors will reply to your weekly tweet with feedback and to sign off. Here are some examples of what the weekly tweets look like. week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5, week 6.
πŸ“ˆ Marketing and Launch on Mainnet Once you launch on mainnet, you are ready to promote to our community. While the Harmony team and governors can support you, it is up to your team to carry out these marketing efforts and grow your user base. Our public channels:
You can also promote in a few other channels:
We strongly recommend:
    Launch on Product Hunt​
    Post on Reddit
    Coordinate with Harmony team on a blog post and video
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