Why Harmony?

Why is the project called “Harmony”?

Harmony is the beautiful music when we sing in different notes but resonate. It’s analogous to our high-performance protocol of multiple shards but reaching consensus.

Listen to our theme song “Teach the World to Sing In Perfect Harmony!”

Why is the token called “ONE”?

Harmony’s vision is “For One and For All,” creating open consensus for 10 billion people.

Watch our favorite clip “Visiting the Oracle” in the film Matrix (1999).

Why is the logo designed as such?

Harmony’s community is built on “Handshake & Embrace.” All Is Fair in Love and War. (Euphues [Euphuism]: The Anatomy of Wit, 1579).

Well, also, in vino veritas! Read the “Xoogler Interview” on our founding story.