BTC Bridge

BTC bridge is to bring asset on bitcoin blockchain on to Harmony network


Bridge between bitcoin-like blockchains with Harmony blockchain.


Unlock the assets from bitcoin-like blockchains such as BTC, BCH, LTC to Harmony.


  • Build BTC relay and SPV client from Summa on the Harmony network, so that dApp builder can build on top it.

  • Work with Keep network to add support of the Harmony chain in Keep nodes. This collaboration can bring in tBTC/hBTC support on the Harmony network.

  • Explore collaboration with Aleph Zero to bring threshold ECDSA onto Harmony node so that the Harmony network can be used to generate trustless accounts to bridge multiple blockchains.

  • Build a portal to wrap all bitcoin-like blockchain such as LTC/BCH/BSV into Harmony blockchain. Those blockchains can use Harmony as a portal to the entire Ethereum DeFi ecosystem via the Dex.

  • Stretch technical goal is to expose VDF as on-chain primitive for randomness, which is a key component for security (used by Keep)