Maker Demo Walkthrough

Only available on desktop.

1. Download ONE wallet (chrome extension)​

Note that there are two Harmony wallets on Chrome store, you will need to download this version for this demo. This wallet supports HRC20 tokens.

2. Go to, connect your wallet using the new chrome extension and click 'Get Started'

3. Click enter amount of ONE to deposit and DAI to create

We suggest starting with 200 ONEs to create 1 DAI. This will make your collateralization ratio 200%.

4. Confirm transactions (x6) on the pop-up window. You will need to do this 6 times (apologies)

Note that batch transactions are shown separately for demo purposes, so it might seem cumbersome at first.

After confirming all 6 transactions, you should see the success message below. This window auto-closes.

5. View your vault details

Note that you can make changes to your vault by depositing more ONE or withdrawing. You can also pay your borrowed DAI back or generate more DAI in the allowed collateral range.

Note that your ONE address has a balance of 1 DAI at this point. You can see this in your vault details under Wallet Balances. DAI balance cannot be viewed in chrome extension yet.

6. Let's close the vault. Click 'Close Vault and withdraw ONE'

7. Click 'Close Vault' and confirm transactions (x7 this time). You will need to do this 7 times (apologies again)

Success message is shown like this, ignore the 0 values.

Now you have your starting 500 ONE back and vault is closed! You have spent less than 1 ONE for all 13 transactions.