Harmony Chrome Extension

Harmony's Chrome extension wallet is a secure native crypto wallet

Harmony Chrome Extension is deprecated. Please use the ONE Wallet instead!

Step 1: Install the Harmony Wallet Chrome Extension

Step 2: Create a new address

Click on the HARMONY H icon on top right and select create a new address.

Choose a name and password for your account and copy the seed phrase somewhere safe as a backup. This is VERY IMPORTANT because lost seeds cannot be recovered.

After you have created a new address you can click on the "Go to Harmony" button which will direct you to the staking dashboard.

Step 3: Add another account

If you want to import your account from other wallets, e.g. cli, you can recover account with Mnemonic or Private Key.

Transferring Funds

  1. After logging into your account on the extension you'll be directed to the staking dashboard. Click on "Portfolio" , and then "Transfer funds"

2. In the pop-up input the destination address and amount you want to transfer. Click next, and then click "Confirm and Sign" to authorize the transfer



Please note that Harmony Wallet does not support Harmony's sharded network architecture yet, so all transactions to or from Trust Wallet must go through shard 0. You can only view and access your funds in shard 0.


  1. Click on "Validators" in the staking dashboard to see all the validators

2. Select the validator you would like to stake by clicking on their name, and then click "Delegate". Enter the amount you would like to stake, and confirm the transaction