Our goals in 2020 include decentralized development and a transition from governance by the founding team to governance by the community and stakeholders.

We will work on transitioning the network from 32% external nodes to 40% external nodes in Q2 2020 and gradually move to 100% external nodes.

Our work will be fully transparent in our Github and Discord and we are inviting external contributors with the goal of 50% external contribution to our development.

We will continue to update our governance mechanism with our community input as we move towards a fully decentralized network.

off-chain governance

Off-chain governance is the social interaction among the stakeholders of the network, aka, token holders. Similar to what snapshot page provided to the DeFi projects, we can build a website for ONE token holder to sign/vote the proposals initiated by the community. The forum website is the current off-chain governance model we used in Harmony to take new proposal and provide a feedback loop.

We have set up a validator governance committee to facilitate the communication of off-chain governance.

on-chain governance

We are still doing research on the on-chain governance model and mechanism right now.