Install Harmony One App using Ledger Live

Step 1. Turn on Developer Mode in Ledger Live

  1. Download Ledger Live onto your computer. Ledger Live is the app you use to manage your Ledger device. Please follow the official installation instruction here.

  2. Open Ledger Live, select Manager. Turn on developer mode in Manager : Settings => Experimental Features => Developer Mode, as shown below:

Step 2. Search for Harmony One App in Ledger App Catalog

Ledger live provides app catalog for different types of apps, as shown below:

To find the Harmony app, type harmony in the search bar, as shown below:

Step 3. Install/Remove Harmony One App

There are two buttons associated with Harmony One app. The install button can be clicked to install Harmony One app to Ledger Nano. The app can be uninstalled by clicking the trash bin button.

Step 4. Using Harmony One App

To use Harmony One app, please check your Ledger Nano device and click the buttons to open the app.