Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet. Please visit with your mobile device to download the app.


Please note that Trustwallet does not support sharded network architecture yet, and all transactions originated from Trustwallet goes through Shard-0. This means that you can only view and access your funds in Shard-0.

Incoming transactions

The funds that are sent within Shard-0 will be viewed correctly in Trustwallet. [From: Shard-0, To: Shard-0]

If you receive funds in a shard other than Shard-0 [e.g., From: Shard-2, you will not see the transaction receipt in Trustwallet app. Since your account balance will only show the funds in Shard-0, your total balance will not change.

Outgoing transactions

Since there is no shard selection in Trustwallet UI, all transactions will originate from Shard-0 and will be sent to Shard-0.

For more details, please see example cross-shard transaction scenarios using Trust Wallet:

What to do if you receive funds in a shard other than shard 0 when using Trust Wallet?

You will need to import the account in which you receive the funds in another wallet such as CLI or Mathwallet.

Using Mathwallet:

  1. Go to Trust Wallet under settings -> Wallets -> Multi Coin Wallet 1 -> press the 3 dots -> show recovery phase (this gives the 12 character mnemonic)

  2. Go into MathWallet Chrome Extension -> Select Harmony -> Press the + button -> Import wallet -> import by mnemonic -> enter the 12 words previously exported from trust wallet -> give the wallet a meaningful name (e.g. Trust Wallet - Account 1)

  3. From here you can now open mathwallet and access the funds