Do we still want to use tmux or will we prefer systemd!?

Why tmux?

Running your node inside tmux allows you to disconnect from your cloud instance (i.e. AWS, Vultr) without shutting down your node on your cloud instance.


Creating a session:

tmux new-session -s node

If you have done this correctly, your screen should be reset:

While connected to a live tmux session, you will see a green bar at the bottom of your screen.

If you see this

You already have a session running. Reattach to that session using the tips below.

Detaching from your session:

Press ctrl+b. Let go of those keys. Then press d. This will safely disconnect you from your cloud instance and shut down tmux while leaving your node running in your cloud instance.


If you have done this correctly you should see [detached] printed onto your screen:

DO NOT EXIT A SESSION USING CTRL+C. This will only shut down your node and not close tmux. If you have already entered ctrl+c, you have shut down your node. You will need to restart your node using this command(while inside a tmux session):

sudo ./ -t

Reattaching to your session:

You will first need to be inside a tmux session. If you need to, create a new tmux session using the code above. Then use:

tmux attach

If you have done this correctly, you should see a green bar at the bottom of your screen: