Un-delegation can be performed using Harmony CLI as follows:

./hmy --node="https://api.s0.p.hmny.io" staking undelegate --delegator-addr one1pf75h0t4am90z8uv3y0dgunfqp4lj8wr3t5rsp --validator-addr one1pdv9lrdwl0rg5vglh4xtyrv3wjk3wsqket7zxy --amount 0 --chain-id testnet --passphrase (yourwalletpass)

  • undelegate - is the subcommand for performing undelegation. Undelegate will move the amount of delegated tokens into the “Undelegated” state which after 4 ( for Pangaea) epochs will be automatically credited to the delegator’s account.

  • delegator-addr - one address of the delegator

  • validator-addr - one address of the validator

  • amount - one tokens to undelegate

chain-id - can be one of {mainnet, testnet, pangaea} pls use testnet

This undelegation transaction will be signed using the delegator-addr. Hence, the delegator-addr should exists in the keystore.

When will I get my tokens back after undelegating?

When you decide to undelegate your tokens from a validator in Pangaea your tokens will be subjected to a cooldown period lasting 7 epochs / 70 minutes.

This means that you won't have access to your tokens or can transfer them for 70 minutes after choosing to undelegate your tokens from a validator.

You can read more about epochs in Pangaea here.