Staking can be performed using Harmony CLI to delegate tokens to a validator. You can delegate to your own validator or to someone else:

./hmy --node="" staking delegate --delegator-addr one1pf75h0t4am90z8uv3y0dgunfqp4lj8wr3t5rsp --validator-addr one1pdv9lrdwl0rg5vglh4xtyrv3wjk3wsqket7zxy --amount 0 --chain-id testnet --passphrase (yourwalletpass)

  • delegate - the subcommand to perform delegation. Delegate puts the amount of token from delegator’s balance as delegation to the validator

  • delegator-addr - the delegator’s one address

  • validator-addr - the validator’s one address

  • amount - the one tokens to delegate

This delegation transaction will be signed using the delegator-addr. Hence, the delegator-addr should exists in the keystore. Please check the section "Wallet download, address and BLS key creation" on how to do it.