To Scale Trust and Create A Radically Fair Economy

Harmony is an open and fast blockchain. Our mainnet runs Ethereum applications with 2-second transaction finality and 1000 times lower fees.

Harmony is your open platform for assets, collectibles, identity, governance.

Build on Harmony

This Gitbook document has introduction and resources for all audience:

  • 🎶 General - technical features, application showcases, ecosystem partners, community channels.

  • 🏗️ Developers - web3 toolkits, deploy tutorials, open bounties, hackathon prizes.

  • 🌏 Network - token wallets, delegator economics, validator setup, governance dao.

Bridge to All Chains

Visit open.harmony.one for our Open Development:

  • 🔥 Grants – $300M+ on Bounties, Grants & DAOs

  • 💎 NFT – $13M Grants & Bounties on NFT

  • 💰 Wallets – $20M Grants & Bounties on Wallets

  • 💪 Roadmap – Strategy & Launch Dates on Adoption

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