Checking A Node

1. Check Node Running Version

To check the node version that is running, run the command below:

./hmy utility metadata

2. Check if Node is Syncing

1. To check if your node is syncing properly, run the command below and check that the block height of the shard(s).

./hmy blockchain latest-headers

Harmony relies on a beacon shard chain (aka shard 0) to facilitate cross shard transaction. For the node to be fully working both your non shard 0 and shard 0 needs to be fully synced.

2. Before continuing, check if your node is fully synced using an external endpoint. Replace parameter --node with the enpoint you want to compare with. Check the examples below for shard 0 on mainnet and testnet. Just change the edpoints to do the comparison with other shards.

./hmy --node="" blockchain latest-headers

For a complete reference of all available enpoints on both mainnet and testnet, please click here. Alternatively you can use the Block Explorers for a visual comparison.

3. Verify if blocks shown on steps 1 and 2 are closer or equal to each other. If so, your node should have caught up!

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