Using the Scripts the API

  • These scripts will build the transactions required to call Harmony's production API, for more instructions on how to use the API check the webserver repo

  • Make sure to rename the env_file to .env and add your private key.

  • To run a script just execute the node file e.g. node bridge_eth_to_one.js

The Scripts

  • bridge_eth_to_one.js This script bridges ethereum BUSD to Harmony's ethereum BUSD

  • bridge_one_to_bsc.js This script bridges Harmony's BSC BUSD to BSC BUSD

  • viper_swap.js This script swaps Harmony's ethereum BUSD to Harmony's BSC BUSD to BSC BUSD

  • end_to_end.js This script performs a full end-to-end swap from Ethereum BUSD to BSC BUSD

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