Using the Scripts the API

    These scripts will build the transactions required to call Harmony's production API, for more instructions on how to use the API check the webserver repo
    Make sure to rename the env_file to .env and add your private key.
    To run a script just execute the node file e.g. node bridge_eth_to_one.js

The Scripts

    bridge_eth_to_one.js This script bridges ethereum BUSD to Harmony's ethereum BUSD
    bridge_one_to_bsc.js This script bridges Harmony's BSC BUSD to BSC BUSD
    viper_swap.js This script swaps Harmony's ethereum BUSD to Harmony's BSC BUSD to BSC BUSD
    end_to_end.js This script performs a full end-to-end swap from Ethereum BUSD to BSC BUSD
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