How to find a bridged token address

You can find your token from your final step transaction if it’s correctly displayed (sometimes there are delays in data representation).There is a token symbol near the amount in “Tokens transferred”/ ”Token transfers” section that leads to the token page.

You can also look for the token in a token list on your wallet address page in the target chain explorer (it also can take some time for a token to appear).

Click on the token symbol, and you’ll see all necessary token information.

![Screenshot 2022-01-20 at 21.45.29.png](../../../../.gitbook/assets/HRC 20 ETH explorer.png)

Don’t forget, that address should be in ETH style (starting 0x...). For Harmony Explorer, there is a switcher in the top right corner.

If you can’t find your token there, please use this page to find a token address you should have after the bridge.

After you find your token, add it to your wallet as shown here. You can avoid this process if you use Add token to Metamask button on the bottom your bridge operation page after operation is completed:

Check that you add token to a receiver wallet of your operation and the wallet is connected to the correct network.

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