Adding Custom Harmony Tokens

This page describes how to add HRC20/HRC721 tokens to MetaMask.

Adding a Custom Token

Open MetaMask, select the Harmony network, then click the Assets tab. Near the bottom, click "Import Tokens" and complete the empty fields.

Add the Token Contract Address, Token Symbol, and the Decimals value. Note the Token Symbol and Decimals may auto-populate. These details are usually provided by the token creator.

See "Importing 1BTC Token" as an example.

Complete the step by clicking on "Add Custom Token". Your custom HRC20 Token will show up in MetaMask along with its balance.

Sending a HRC20/HRC721 Transaction

Click on the asset you want to send your tokens from on the Asset tab. Click on Send button and on next window copy paste the destination address starting with 0x, fill the amount you want to send, click on Next and then on Confirm.

Receiving a HRC20/HRC721

In order to receive a transaction, just share the 0x address format of your wallet. One Wallet supports sending HRC20/HRC721 transactions to either addresses starting with 0x or one1.

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