Adding A Validator Logo

Upload a custom logo to be displayed on your Staking Dashboard profile

  1. Login to your Keybase account or create a new one.

  2. On your profile, if you don't have a PGP key set yet, just click on "Add a PGP key" to create or import an existing one.

  3. Once you have created it just click on it like it is shown on the example below:

Once you click on it, Keybase will open a new page. Click on the link "this key":

This will open a new page with the PGP public key finger print:

Use the following command to update your validator identity with the keybase fingerprint.

./hmy --node="" staking edit-validator --validator-addr [YOUR VALIDATOR ONE ADDRESS] --identity [YOUR KEYBASE FINGERPRINT] --passphrase

Enter the passphrase when prompted. Just wait 10 min and your Keybase profile picture will automatically be used for your validator image on the Staking Dashboard!

This option will be deprecated and is not recommended anymore. For now, we still maintain compatibility with it, but we urge users to migrate to Option 1: Using Keybase.

1. Fork this github repo:

2. Add your logo by creating the logo image name using your Harmony one address as the file name and placing it inside "validators" folder. The logo image needs to be a .jpg file with 256x256 pixels or 512x512 pixels. Example: validators/one1pdv9lrdwl0rg5vglh4xtyrv3wjk3wsqket7zxy.jpg

Do not upload the .jpg file in the main repository directory. It must be inside the "validators" directory.

3. Create a pull request for your changes. A Harmony team member will review the image & approve it.

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