User Guide

Learn to setup and use your 1wallet

Creating Your ONE Wallet

First, make sure to have Google Authenticator installed on your mobile device. Click on button Create and a QR Code similar to the image below will show up. Scan this QR Code using Google Authenticator app and type the random 6-digit code.
QR Code
After inputing the 6-digit code you will be redirected to a new window. Fill the recovery address and click on Create Now.
Setup Recovery Address
Make sure to setup a recovery address you have the keys of. This is in the case you lose access to Google Authenticator.
If everything went alright you should see your wallet created:
Wallet Created

Restoring Your ONE Wallet

Click on button Restore and paste your wallet address:
Wallet Address
Follow the instructions on the next window:
Restore Wallet


Last modified 1yr ago