Changing Validator Information

How to update your validator information
You can edit your validator’s information using the CLI with the following command:
./hmy --node="" staking edit-validator \
--validator-addr [ONE ADDRESS] [FIELDS TO EDIT] --passphrase
./hmy --node="" staking edit-validator \
--validator-addr [ONE ADDRESS] [FIELDS TO EDIT] --passphrase
The CLI will prompt you to enter your BLS key file password. Only the --validator-addr field is required; all other fields are optional.
  • --validator-addr is the validator ONE address that you want to edit (string)
  • --active to set validator as eligible or not to be elected (bool)
  • --name to change the name displayed on the Staking Explorer (string)
  • --identity to change the identity field (string)
  • --website to change the website field (string)
  • --details to change the details field (string)
  • --security-contact to change the security contact field (string)
  • --rate to change the current commission rate (float)
  • --min-self-delegation to change the minimum stake by the validator (float)
  • --max-total-delegation to change the maximum stake that the validator can take (float)
  • --remove-bls-key to remove a BLS public key associated with your validator (string)
  • --add-bls-key to add another BLS public key to your validator (string)
When you add or remove keys from your validator (using--add-bls-key or --remove-bls-key) make sure to restart the harmony service so it accounts for the BLS keys you are using.
--validator-addris the only field that is required.
Sending the command without the arguments will leave those fields of your validator as is.
--max-rate and --max-change-rate cannot be changed after creation.
--min-self-delegation must be at least 10,000 ONE.