Voting via Governance App

Make sure to read the introduction and rules here first.

The Harmony team is releasing the first governance app for the Harmony network. As with other projects and networks, the decisions should be made by the community, or in this case, the validators, on what upgrades, incentives or changes we should make for the Harmony network so that it becomes even more attractive to community validators and participants.

We have ported the widely known, which is an off-chain governance app for the Ethereum ecosystem. It supports simple governance in the form of creating and voting on proposals:

To interact with it, you need to connect your Metamask, same as using Metamask on Ethereum. Note that you have to connect with the ONE address which is registered as a validator on the Harmony network and make sure you are on the latest OneWallet version, because older versions might not have support for voting. Once connected, you are able to create a proposal (if you are elected) and vote (no matter you are elected or unelected).

Creating a proposal

To create a proposal navigate to the governance app, connect your Wallet, then click on New proposal on the top right corner.

You can now start writing a new proposal:

1 - The title of the proposal. 2 - The body of the proposal; e.g. what you want people to vote on and any explanation, facts, examples, etc. The proposal should include the following key sections:

  • Summary: one short paragraph to describe the proposal

  • Background: background information of the proposal

  • Link: link to the detailed proposal and discussion in the forum

  • Motivation: why this proposal is needed and important

  • Specification: specific action or changes proposed in the proposal

  • Vote:

    • Yes: what does it mean when vote yes

    • No: what does it mean when vote no

3 - Voting choices; you add choices for voting, minimum is 2, but you can always add more choices with the Add choice button below. 4 - The proposal will stay pending for 7 days, to ensure everyone can get familiar with the topic being voted on 5 - After the 7 days in pending mode are over, the voting on the proposal starts and lasts for 14 days. 6 - Publish once done with all previous steps and confirm with a signed message from your validator address via Metamask. Once you approve, the proposal will be quickly submitted. After that it will show under Pending until the initial 7 day period is over and it gets Active.

Voting on a proposal

To vote for a proposal, simply navigate to the Active tab and click on a proposal you want to vote on. Read what the proposal is about, select your choice and confirm with a signed message from your wallet:

After signing, you will quickly see your vote being added in:

That's it!

While voting please note:

  • All votes are final, once you approve your vote, you cannot undo or change it.

  • Voting percentage shown will be compared to the total network stake, so it's easy for anyone to see if a proposal passes the 66.67% threshold or not.

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