Best Crypto Wallet for Billions

Project Summary

⚑ WHY: Billions of users can earn 10% or more annual returns with crypto assets. But they must stop worrying about seed phrases, device loss, email phishing, phone hijacking... We can secure everyone’s financial future against password breaches, software bugs, platform malware and exchange hacks.

πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘¦ WHOM: Global consumers with just a few thousand dollars and no technical background.

πŸ’Ž WHAT: A digital wallet for crypto assets, investment and identity. Consumers can buy crypto assets via credit cards, then trade between multiple platforms. They can earn fixed-rate interests or actively invest for higher returns. Their profiles can hold digital arts or custom domain names.


  • Earn 20% annual interests for the first million users.

  • No emails, SMS, passwords or government documents necessary.

  • Seamless between assets from Bitcoin, Ethereum or any networks.

πŸ”¨ HOW

πŸ’ͺ WHO: Ph.D.s, ex-Google developers, formal verification as security audit, top branding agency, builders of billion user products.

πŸ”₯ WHERE: The Future of Money is already here but unevenly distributed. Decades of cryptography, best research in production.

πŸš€ WHEN: Product launch in 2021 Q3 with 1000 users, then 10k users in Q4 with each wallet holding $1000. A prototype with minimal features on mainnet in July.

πŸ’‘ Terms

  • Social recovery: friends or other devices unlock funds for you if you lose access to your wallet.

  • Non-custodial: no network, software, developers, government or even Harmony control your fund.

Join us at @1wallet_, demo and wiki.

Note: While your assets are completely safe and secure, please note the beta 1wallet app is currently under active development.

Security Goals

ONE Wallet is designed with these goals in mind for security:

Social (people)

  • Resilient. Funds are recoverable through time locks and multiple safety nets. No single point of failure such as thefts, cracks, loss, censorship or coercions is catastrophic.

  • Sufficient. All steps are well defined without delegating to hardware devices or seed phrases in safety boxes. Users do not need any passwords or rely on biometrics.

  • Anonymous. An account is a fresh cryptographic hash, not tied to existing systems or real-world identity. Derived paths support multiple public keys to protect privacy.

Smart (code)

  • Composable. One-time or low-entropy passwords are useful for small funds. Multiple authentications can independently boost protection thresholds against brute-force.

  • On-chain. A decentralized network with high stakes and fast finality validates all transactions. Its platform has sustainable incentives and open governance to evolve.

  • Programmable. Operations can call third-party contracts, store history of states, or upgrade its code. Complex applications may use oracles of time, locations and events.

Hard (math)

  • Self-Sovereign. No third parties, government documents, designated guardians, backup servers or hardware enclaves are necessary. Users have full custody and self control.

  • Air-Gapped. Key-loggers and man-in-the-middle attacks are minimized. The full parameters of transactions are easy to verify and approve without cables or cameras.

  • Verified. Trusted are only open source and hardened cryptography. Formal verification, through logical frameworks, assures end-to-end security beyond tests and audits.


There may be conflicts, tradeoffs or impracticality of the goals above. Here's our rule of thumb:

  1. Toward validating our innovation with 10k users (each with $100 assets), focus on these three goals: sufficient, resilient and composable.

  2. Toward adopting our product with 1m users (each with $1k assets), differentiate with these three goals: on-chain, self-sovereign and air-gapped

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