Coinbase Rosetta API

Harmony has finished it’s initial integration with the Rosetta API specification — an open-source framework to simplify blockchain interactions.

So why did we choose Rosetta? Well, the biggest thing for us is that it allows for faster onboarding since it is a standard, chain agnostic, framework with sharding as a first-class citizen. Among other things, this greatly reduces interoperability friction between products spanning multiple chains. Moreover, Rosetta’s growing community and tooling were major factors as it means less effort from the Harmony team is needed to implement and, more importantly, maintain our Node API.

By partnering with Gitcoin, Harmony reaffirms its commitment to developers. Overall we’re excited to partner with Gitcoin in our shared goal of growing the web3 open-source ecosystem.

Magic (Fortmatic)

Magic is an SDK for developers to create passwordless and social and email logins. Magic makes dapps authentication and key management easy, like a web2 experience, and removes headaches for developers.

Chainlink’s decentralized oracle will be launching on Harmony. This integration will provide off-chain data resources via Chainlink oracles to users of Harmony, giving developers price feeds and other off-chain data to use in their applications. This move is critical, especially as Harmony draws more of its attention to DeFi applications and cross-border finance.

Band Protocol

Our integration with Band gives developers another option for accessing off-chain data on Harmony, a much greater selection of data formats and types, and different ways of interacting with off-chain data based on the developer’s preferences unlocked through Band Protocol’s custom oracle scripts.

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