Run the latest AutoNode!

Checking for AutoNode updates

AutoNode will quickly check for an update on each execution of the auto-node command. If there is an update you will see the following message:

Updating AutoNode

You will need to briefly stop your node to execute an update. Updates should be fast.

Step 0: (Optional) Stop Auto

Kill your AutoNode with the following command:

auto-node kill

Note that if you are still elected and signing, AutoNode will ask for you to confirm before killing your node.

Step 1: Start the update

You can start the update with the following command:

auto-node update

Note that AutoNode will check to make sure the harmony node is stopped. If it detects that the harmony node is still running, It will ask to kill itself before starting the update.

You can also re-run the install script from step 3 of the Install & Run script to update AutoNode

Step 2: Restart/Rerun your AutoNode

Make sure to restart your AutoNode after the update to resume validating or operations. For a validator, it will most likely be:

auto-node run

DO NOT restart AutoNode with the --clean or --fast-sync as it will probably regress your block hight (since it edits the DB files).

Updating hmy CLI

For your convenience, AutoNode wraps the hmy CLI. You can update it with the following command:

auto-node hmy-update

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