About Timeless

Timeless is reimagining the role of the calendar in our daily lives. They provide a delightful user interface, enabling users to seamlessly network their events with others via our Web RSVP pages. Instead of serving as a reminder for certain tasks, They are building out the discovery of services that will grow a marketplace in our calendar, intuitively helping users conquer the day. Timeless is driven to help users make the best use of their time, doing what matters, with the people they care about.

Shared Cultural Experiences

Timeless and Harmony can tokenize unique events and experiences on davinci. gallery, merging NFTs with some of the biggest events of the summer, from live concerts, sporting events, and many shared cultural experiences.

Non-Fungibility of Time

While we have the same amount of time in a day, how we spend our time is what gives meaning & value to each life’s moment. So, Timeless is creating bespoke 3D art to accompany life-enriching experiences.


Timeless will streamline the onboarding process for NFT Moment auctions, deploying Web RSVP. It is integrated with your calendar and enables fast & easy event participation.


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