Using Crosschain API

This API will let you swap assets between different chains, this is the current status:

Version: B0.1

Some Basic Instructions

  • Right now you see two folders, webserver and testing. The former contains the webserver that must be started to call the API endpoints locally in you machine (read this for more detailed instructions), the latter contains scripts in javascript and postman that can be used to test the endpoints once you have the webserber running. It also has examples of how to make calls to the API.

  • You will need to set .env files in both folders, we are adding samples for those files (they are called env_file), so you can just go ahead and rename them to .env. You will also need to add your private key to the .env file in the testing folder if you plan to use the .js file. If you plan to use postman, you will need to paste it into the workspace, so make sure that you create it outside the repo. In any case we encourage you to add .env files to the .gitignore and never paste you private keys in the code.


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