Snapshot is a decentralized voting system

Snapshot provides flexibility on how voting power is calculated for a vote. Snapshot supports various voting types to cater to the needs of organizations. Creating proposals and voting on Snapshot is user-friendly and does not cost gas as the process is performed off-chain.

Harmony network is fully supported on Organizations may simply create a space under Harmony with their own strategies and voting options.

For more information about the steps required to created a space, follow the instructions in this video.

Note: In order to create a Snapshot space, you will need to own or purchase an ENS name with ETH. Once configured, you will be able to create a space under Harmony Network.

Snapshot fork (end-of-life Feb 28th, 2022)

A forked version of Snapshot currently runs on This version of snapshot is extremely outdated and missing most of the admin features currently available on As such, we will be sunsetting the forked version of Snapshot and we ask organizations to create and use their space on instead. See instructions above.

  • Feb 28th, 2022: New proposals will be disabled on all spaces. New spaces will not be created.

  • April 30th, 2022: will redirect to and old proposals will no longer be accessible.

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