Staking Dashboard

Staking via browser is done via Staking Dashboard. There you will be able to delegate, undelegate tokens, claim rewards and manage your delegations. Currently, staking transaction are supported on Ledger Nano S/X, Metamask and Math Wallet.

In order to choose their validators and manage their delegation, delegators have access to a range of information on the Staking Dashboard.

Portfolio Page

Delegators can claim full rewards and monitor validators in their delegation portfolio.


Amount of ONE delegated


Amount of ONE that available to delegate


Rewards yet to be claimed

Portfolio allocation

Delegation amount across different validators

Expected return

expected annual percentage return rate

Returned in

Epochs left until undelegation funds will be accessible

Reward (up to date)

Unclaimed rewards


Election status of the validator in current epoch

Validator list

Delegators can access necessary information of validators at a glance to choose desired validator(s).

Effective Median Stake

Median of ONE staked among the top elected slots

Total Stake

Total ONE staked in the Harmony network

Current block height

current block height of Harmony blockchain


All validators created & listed onchain


Validator currently selected & eligible to sign blocks & earn rewards

Not Elected

Validator currently not-selected to sign blocks due to low stake or insufficient uptime

Expected return

Expected annual return rate


Total ONE staked by the validator


Commission on rewards charged by validator

Uptime (AVG)

Signing percentage for this validator's nodes


Election status of validator in current epoch


The validators' moniker

Validator Profile

Delegators can check detailed information of a validator and delegate/undelegate this validator.


Total ONE delegated to this validator

Self stake

Amount of ONE staked by validator

Max delegation

Maximum ONE stake allowed by the validator, including self-stake

Validator since

Block number at which validator registered


Commission on rewards charged by validator

Max daily change

daily change in commission allowed for this validator

Uptime (AVG)

Signing percentage for this validator's nodes


Number of seats (bls keys) associated with the Validator

Elected slots

Number of seats (bls keys) elected in the current committee

Expected return

Expected annual return rate

Lifetime rewards

all rewards collected by the validator


Shards in which validator's BLS keys belong, shown order is based on time to add

Stake & delegation history

Stake and delegation amount for the validator at every epoch

Reward rate history

Expected annual percentage return rate for validator at every epoch


List of accounts that delegated to this validator and delegation amount


Delegator can access both intuitive and statistical information on the stake distribution among validators and 4 shards.


The slots occupied by this validator


Bid per BLS key


Validator's effective ONE staked


Validator's total ONE staked

Self stake

Amount of ONE staked by validator

Last updated