Using Node Binary

Validator Nodes

1. Backup Files

Create a folder called "backup" in case it does not exist:

mkdir -p backup

Backup the harmony binary file:

cp harmony backup

2. Download Node Binary

Before we proceed to next steps we need to download the node binary first:

curl -LO && mv binary harmony && chmod +x harmony

Check the node binary version that was downloaded:

./harmony -V

3. Restart Systemd Service

sudo service harmony restart

To check your node follow instructions on Checking A Node.

Non-Validating/Explorer Nodes

Requirements for Explorer Nodes have changed. Check here before going forward.

1. Download New Explorer DB


2. Backup Files

mkdir -p backup
cp harmony backup

3. Download Node Binary and Stop Service

curl -LO && mv binary harmony && chmod +x harmony
sudo service harmony stop

4. Backup Old Explorer DB

mv explorer_storage_0.0.0.0_9000 explorer_storage_0.0.0.0_9000.backup

5. Extract New DB

tar xvzf explorer_storage_s0.tar.gz

6. Change RPC Rate Limit

Change harmony.conf file and add make sure the RPC Rate Limit is set to at least 50000:

  RequestsPerSecond = 50000

7. Start Systemd Service

sudo service harmony start

DB migration should take no more than a few hours to conclude.

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