Adding Harmony

Adding Harmony to MetaMask

Open MetaMask and click the list of networks at the top, then select "Add Network".

Fill the Endpoint Information

You will be prompted for additional information. Use the table below to complete the step. Below you will see multiple options for RPC URL and Chain ID corresponding to mainnet vs testnet, and the various shards within each.

Use the RPC URL and Chain ID of Shard 0 if you want to send/receive transactions from exchanges or do any staking transaction type.


Network Name

Harmony Mainnet

Harmony Testnet

Harmony Devnet


Chain ID

(use number only)

Shard 0: 1666600000

Shard 1: 1666600001

Shard 0: 1666700000

Shard 0: 1666900000 Shard 1: 1666900001

Currency symbol (optional)




Block Explorer URL (optional)

The example below shows the configuration that needs to be done to connect to Harmony Mainnet on Shard 0:

Click the Save button and your configuration should be done!

if you have any issue fetching data like chain-id, try to type the new RPC URL instead copy pasting it.

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