Grant Proposals

This page describes the Harmony Grant Program, requirements, and areas of focus.

In order to continue to grow the Harmony protocol and ecosystem, Harmony has established a Grant Program. The details of the program are highlighted in this Blog Post.

In what follows below is some information, but go read the blog post for a more comprehensive and most up-to-date information.

Applicants can apply for grants to build core protocol features, developer tooling, and critical applications including wallets and financial applications.

Ecosystem and Protocol Incentives

We plan to actively use our ecosystem and protocol monthly unlocking tokens, see

Every month, our model unlocks 62 million ecosystem tokens to boost growth in our applications and users plus 92 million protocol tokens to boost growth in our developers and tooling.

Areas of Focus

We will provide grants to decentralized finance (DeFi) projects with 1,000+ users and to wallets with 10,000+ users that are fully integrated with our mainnet.

Also, we will give grants to blockchain hackers to build BTC/ETH bridges and Truffle tooling and fintech developers to create identity and currency gateways that are fully integrated with our mainnet and SDK.

Get started today by submitting a proposal to