Which ONE are you?


Harmony is the blockchain for humans as such our ecosystem consist of many talented creators. In this section we aim to provide specific information for each creator type. This is augmented with more detailed reference material including Application Interfaces API's, Command Line Interface (CLI), Network monitoring tools and other useful guides.

Types of Creators

DApp Developers

Builders of Decentralized Applications (DApps) can use familiar tools such as truffle and drizzle to build powerful applications all on Harmony's low cost, scalable high performance sharded blockchain.

Smart Contract Developers

Smart contract developers can leverage Harmony's EVM compatible languages such as solidity and vyper to build comprehensive protocols or smart contracts which may be leveraged by DApps.

Wallet Creators

Harmony wallet creators provide the link between Harmony's user community and the DApps and protocols built upon Harmony. They do this by providing the ability to store value, manage private keys and enabling the signing of transactions.

Explorer Creators

Harmony's explorer creators provide the ability for Harmony community to have transparency as to what is happening on Harmony's platform. They do this by providing user interfaces enabling an easy understanding of which validators are securing which shards, blocks and transactions are being processed as well as capabilities around transaction history for accounts and detailed transactional views.

Trading Partners

Trading Partners are the bridge between Harmony and our Investor community. They provide supplemental tools such as Know Your Customer (KYC) and a trading platform which allow our investor and end user community to easily buy and exchange Harmony's native ONE token.l

Harmony Validators

Harmony validators or trust providers are the backbone of the Harmony infrastructure. As a decentralized platform these validators ensure consensus on blocks and transactions being processed on Harmony's sharded high performance platform.