After launching the Horizon bridge to swap assets from Ethereum to Harmony, we are excited to announce that our community has launched a technology demo of a cross-chain DEX β€” Swoop.

Swoop enables the community to test out the seamless, high-speed and low-fee user experience while exchanging assets in a non-custodial manner on Harmony.

Try Swoop:​

See: demo walkthrough, community​

Demeter is a decentralized synthetic asset issuance protocol allowing users to long & short exposure to any asset class (DeFi index, BTC/ETH/Link, forex, equities, commodities) without bridges, with binary options as derivatives.

Try alpha version:​

See: code​

Harmony-Binance is a bridge with smart routing and Binance as the trading partner with 100+ BNB assets on this cross-chain decentralized exchange.

See: code, demo walkthrough, community​

​Iris Bridge ​

Iris Bridge is a fully permissionless, trustless, decentralized bridge on Harmony for ALL ERC20 tokens. It employs an Ethereum light client on Harmony using Solidity.

Try alpha version:​

See: code, presentation, light client​

​BTC Bridge​

Building a bridge between Bitcoin-like blockchains with Harmony blockchain to unlock the assets such as BTC, BCH, LTC to Harmony.

See: code, explainer​