This page describes how to use Trezor hardware wallet with Metamask on Harmony network
Trezor wallet can be used along with Metamask to perform ONE transfers on Harmony network. Follow the steps below.
1. Add Harmony network to metamask (testnet or mainnet)
2. Select "Connect Hardware Wallet"
3. Select Trezor and continue
4. Select account, mostly the first one
5. Account loaded
6. Click on Send and prepare the transaction
7. Confirm the transaction
8. Use the Trezor hardware wallet device to confirm the transaction. Upon confirming, the transaction is successful.
Note that, load the Ethereum firmware (or app) for signing the transactions on the trezor device. Currently, Harmony does not have a separate trezor firware. There is a bounty for adding Harmony to trezor firmware. After this bounty is finished, the users will be able to both transfer ONE and perform staking using trezor using Harmony firmware (or app).
Last modified 7mo ago
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