List of Deployed Contracts

This page lists well-known contracts that are deployed on harmony including dapps, Stablecoins, bridged tokens, etc.


Development on the Harmony Platform is evolving rapidly, with many new projects being added. This page is designed for developers thinking of building new projects on Harmony or building on top of existing protocols that have been deployed on Harmony it gives an overview of some of the common projects and contract addresses for developers.

If you want a better overview of all the Harmony Stack and the Projects deployed on Harmony and ideas for new projects, please see the Harmony Stack and Projects page.

Contract address format

Harmony uses it's own contract address starting with a one prefix

e.g. one1l8n75pj8zmka0nxtqjneexf3p8l442g8xrxplx

There is a one to one mapping of these addresses to the traditional 0x prefix

e.g. 0xcf664087a5bb0237a0bad6742852ec6c8d69a27a

The Harmony explorer provides the ability to search using either format and also can be used to find the associated 0x or one prefixed address. When viewing a contract in the explorer the one format will be listed as the Address on the page and the 0x format will be listed in the URL for example

Token address references

There are a number of places developers can look to find more information about tokens deployed on the Harmony Network such as token lists and using the explorer, here are a few useful references.



Gives a list of all HRC20 tokens deployed including name, symbol, address, circulating supply, Total Supply and number of holders.

Gives a list of all HRC721 tokens deployed including name, symbol, address and number of holders.

Gives a list of all HRC1155 tokens deployed including name, symbol, address and number of holders.

Provides a default token list for for both testnet and mainnet.

Provides a default token list for including both testnet and mainnet

Project Contract Addresses

The following is a list of some of the projects on Harmony and their contract addresses

Building bridges is one of Harmony's main focus points. So far, three bridges are in production and have tokens bridged over to Harmony. These are: Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Terra.

The same asset may be bridged from different networks. For example, the BUSD token is bridged from ETH and BSC. To separate the two, the BSC version has the prefix 'bsc' applied to it. So there are BUSD tokens (bridged from ETH) and bscBUSD tokens (bridged from BSC).

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