Sending & Receiving

You can receive transactions to addresses starting with both one1 and 0x. However, Metamask does not allow you to send transactions to addresses starting with one1. You will need its' equivalent 0x address as the destination address. For that, follow the procedures below.

Retrieving the 0x Equivalent Address

  • Copy the 0x address format by clicking on the small icon right to the address

You now have the 0x address which corresponds to your one1 address.

Sending a Regular Transaction

To send a transaction on MetaMask, click on Send button and on next window paste the destination address starting with 0x, fill the amount you want to send, click on Next, and then click on Confirm.

If your transaction fails due to insufficient gas, set the Gas Limit to 25000, and for all transactions you need set Gas Price more than 30 GWEI.

Receiving a Regular Transaction

In order to receive a transaction, simply share the 0x address format with the sender.

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