Using the Harmony CLI tool

Interacting with the Harmony one blockchain


Linux (pure statically linked binary)

  1. curl -LO

  2. chmod +x hmycli

  3. Place anywhere on your PATH

OS X (needs to use wrapper script for dynamic libraries)

  1. Go through the steps outlined in Download and installation

For the impatient, use hmy cookbook to see the most common examples & proper arguments.


hmy is the official CLI provided by Harmony. You can use it as a local wallet and as a way to interact with your Ledger Nano device. Completely open-source, you can track its development and post any issues encountered and your feature suggestions here.

Be sure to include the output of $ hmy version in your bug reports and preferably include the additional output printed when the environment variable HMY_ALL_DEBUG is set to true, like so:

$ HMY_ALL_DEBUG=true hmy transfer ...


With the hmy CLI you can send signed transactions to the Harmony blockchain, check previous transactions and recover keys from previous mnemonics.


  • OSX: main development platform

  • Linux: tested

  • Windows: not tested, but in principle should work under Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL)