Grantee Showcases

As part of the $300M Ecosystem Fund for Launch Grants, Ports, DAOs, Investments, Bounties, Hackathons and Events, these funds are approved at a rate of $15M to $20M to over 100 startups per quarter. Below's a showcase of Harmony's ecosystem towards the end of 2021.

The following are showcase of grantees prior to the Sep 2021 $300M Ecosystem Fund

Ript is a decentralized dApp warehouse. Building and supporting decentralized applications, in the future to be dozens, unlike other decentralized applications all of the applications are 100% decentralized.

The Contractor: contract interaction tool to help users interact with their tokens and contracts easily without any technical knowledge. It is a tool developed for you to paste your contract address and contract ABI (Application Binary Interface) into an easy to use tool, which then populates a dropdown with all of the functions the contract contains.

Michael Otis (CEO, Ript):

"My philosophy for Ript to capture the market on Harmony is to create 100% decentralized applications, no hybrid models, databases, 100% anonymous. The applications I see gaining the most traction at first are the utility tools, like our wallet, token creator, and of course, The Contractor. These tools make it easy for a normal user to interact with the blockchain while other more advanced tools are being developed."

Jelly Swap is a platform that offers peer to peer cross chain atomic swaps.

Tito Titov (CEO, Jelly Swap):

"We wanted a real value transfer that was simple and easy. So, we created JellySwap."

"DeFi is the first truly working use case of crypto. Giving financial freedom to the average user is an important milestone in the way to decentralization. Being your own bank without any frustration and tech difficulties is also a great benefit that generations ahead will take for granted."

Sesameseed is a blockchain community and a trusted digital asset staking organization that started with a grassroots call to action to the community in April 2018.

Decentralized exchange for HRC20 token holders to convert tokens through automated price discovery, liquidity pools.

Juliun Brabon (CEO, Sesameseed):

"UniFi is a fast and secure DeFi protocol that enables non-custodial decentralized swap and many more novel features across multiple blockchains. UniFi will use the SEED bridge to connect the economy of Ethereum-based DeFi products to the growing DeFi markets on other blockchains. The UniFi protocol features incentivized liquidity pooling, a fee sharing governance token, a loyalty rewards token, loan platform, and cross-chain swap interoperability."


Moneyhome offers instant cross-border payments using stablecoins such as BUSD, specifically in the USD<>INR corridor.

Minh Doan (Founder, Moneyhome):

"Moneyhome is a solution for cross-border payments using Harmony blockchain as the instant settlement financial rail. Imagine using western union or the likes for sending money between US to India, but minus the fees and the multiple days delay in receiving money. With Moneyhome, when you send USD to a family or friend in India, the local Indian Rupees will be received in a few minutes, with negligible fees. We make this possible by using a stable-currency on Harmony blockchain."

"The current SWIFT messaging system for cross-border transactions is old, archaic and costly. It requires several parties in the value chain to coordinate, which drives the cost and time for these transactions up, and this financial and waiting pain is borne by the people sending or receiving money."

Vivo is the easiest ONE wallet for iphone, ipad and mac; used by consumers to pay each other, a la venmo.

Ronald Mannak (Founder, Vivo):

"We like to see blockchain reach mass adoption. That hasn’t happened yet. dApps usage is still very low. Even wallets are much harder to use than they should be. It’s holding back growth. Our initial focus is on creating a dead simple app for payments and requesting payments. Think of it as a Venmo or Square Cash for Harmony ONE, but then completely decentralized."

Smartstake created a responsive web application and telegram bot for assessing validator performance, delegations, rewards, rewards history, and network health.

BigB (CEO, Smartstake):

"Smart Stake provides validation services for proof-of-stake blockchains. We provide a transparent, reliable, and feature rich staking service. Smart Stake provides validation services in about 5 chains, 3 in mainnet & 2 in testnet."

Staking4All is a proof of stake validator that provides validator services on several blockchains where hodlers can stake their tokens.

Desktop wallet with staking to delegate/undelegate and claim rewards.

Shez (CEO, Smartstake):

"We focus a lot on security on our nodes and therefore prefer more offline wallets, so we decided to make a desktop wallet. Our aim is to make a desktop wallet where the screen is bigger, the wallet is secure and can be on a laptop. It will have everything you need that includes balances, send, receive, HRC20 token lists, transactions & delegating."

hMoney is a mobile wallet with ONE and hrc20 support, qr code support and walletconnect api. Also incorporates staking, delegating, rewards claim features. hMoney will integrate DeFi protocols and other dApps built on Harmony.

Bijay Niraula (CEO, Ibriz)

"hMoney wallet will be able to not only store ONE and HRC-20 Tokens, but will help ONE holders to stake, delegate and claim the rewards. The app will be available both on the app store and android. It is also secured with biometric and pin code features."

Blits is a DEFI "Super App" with native support for cross-chain non-custodial loans with the objective of creating interoperability and liquidity from legacy blockchains to newer ones like Harmony’s. Blits aims to be the bridge between Centralized Finance (CEFI) and Decentralized Finance (DEFI).

Kenia Chavez (CEO, Blits Labs)

"Cross-chain non-custodial collateralized loans allow users to lend and borrow tokens and stablecoins across different blockchains without needing to trust a central intermediary. For example, users can use ONE tokens on Harmony’s blockchain as collateral and borrow stablecoins on Ethereum’s blockchain without needing to trust the other party or conduct the transaction through a centralized escrow."

DeFi 101 is a self-contained 'primer' series of 30 videos, 60-seconds each aimed at people coming into DeFi for the first time.

Camila Russo (Founder, The Defiant)

"The Defiant is a content platform focusing on decentralized finance via a newsletter, feature articles, a podcast and videos. It provides its followers and subscribers with DeFi’s latest news, interviews with its leaders, in-depth analysis, and handy explainers. It’s an essential tool for anyone interested in the cutting edge of tech and finance."

Everstake is building a bridge secured by validator incentives which allows asset transfers between polkadot and harmony.

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