Download and installation

Getting the hmy binary, installing it on your system

There are multiple ways to get the hmy CLI binary.

Shell wrapper

hmy depends on some dynamic libraries, hence we recommend using the following shell wrapper

curl -O
chmod +x
./ -d

Now you can use as a wrapper over hmy and you should assume that all references to hmy in these documents refer to

Note that since hmy is not statically linked, you cannot arbitrarily move to anywhere on your filesystem like you could with a single binary.

Compiling from source

If you are interested in compiling from source, then the process is slightly more involved.


  1. Clone the repo at the same level as the main Harmony repo:

$ pwd
$ ls
bls go-sdk harmony mcl
  1. Have mcl, bls all built and prepared. This may require you to see instructions in the harmony repo's

  2. Invoke source harmony/scripts/

  3. Call make in the go-sdk repo. This builds a binary named hmy

These steps are admittedly involved; eventually everything will be statically linked.