Deploy HRC20

This section describes how to deploy an HRC20 smart contract on to Harmony in 1-minute.


This section is designed to get the casual smart contract developer up and running deploying HRC20 tokens (Harmony's ERC20 equivalent) on a harmony network. This can be done in under one Minute.

This github repository contains the code and files used in this demo. You can also find many more examples that uses the HRC20 tokens in this github repository.

One Minute Deploy

Here is a short video running through the deployment.

One Minute Instructions

npm install -g truffle@5.0.38
git clone
cd H20
cp .envSample .env
npm install
truffle compile
truffle migrate --network testnet --reset
truffle networks

Interacting with contracts

truffle console --network testnet
truffle(testnet)> HarmonyERC20.deployed().then(function(instance){myHRC20=instance})
truffle(testnet)> myHRC20.symbol()
truffle(testnet)> myHRC20.decimals()
BN { negative: 0, words: [ 18, <1 empty item> ], length: 1, red: null }
truffle(testnet)> myHRC20.totalSupply()
BN {
negative: 0,
words: [ 16777216, 62077800, 20718012, 3, <1 empty item> ],
length: 4,
red: null