Partner on-boarding reference material

Harmony Node Deployment Guide - Harmony provides a complete node deployment guide at

Harmony Command Line Interface Documentation - Harmony Command Line Interface can be used to manage operational interactions with the Harmony Blockchain, documentation can be found here.

Harmony HTTP API Documentation - Harmony provides robust API integration initially modelled of Ethereum’s web3 and enhanced to support the nuances of Harmonys highly scalable and performant platform, documentation can be found here and at

Harmony SDK - Harmony provides DApp developers with a suite of npm modules the cornerstone of which is @harmonyjs/core, Harmony's equivalent of Ethereum web3, npm modules can be found here.

Harmony Sending Transaction Guide - Harmony provides a number of tutorials including a guide to sending transactions to Harmony, tutorials can be found here.

Harmony Wallet Management Tools - Wallet management tools are available the Harmony CLI, which is documented here.

Harmony Explorer - Harmony provides a blockchain explorer to review accounts, transactions, blocks, shards and node information, it can be found here.

Harmony Hardware Wallet Support - Harmony partners with a number of hardware wallet providers, our recommended partner is ledger and an overview of supported wallets can be found here.

Harmony Light Wallet Solution - Harmony is partnering with a number of light wallet solutions our recommended partner is math wallet and an overview of supported wallets can be found here.