Register the Vault

Registering your vault in btc bridge

There are two ways:
1) Running a curl command on vault server
curl http://localhost:3000/api/vault-client/register -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -X POST --data '{"collateral":"11"}'
Note that, you will need at least 11 ONE (10 ONE for registering your vault and 1 ONE for some gas). Higher value is okay. You can also register with smaller values and later increase your collateral from the admin page.
2) Navigate to vault admin page (upon running the vault client in the above step): http://localhost:3000/.
If you are using a remote server and accessing vault admin page from outside, navigate to the appropriate URL with your remote server address, for example: http://your-server-address:3000/. Note that, if you using AWS or other server instances, you may need to allow inbound access to your machine that is trying to load the BTC bridge admin page.
Upon navigating, you should see the page that prompts to register the vaults and your wallet addresses.
Click Register your vault to successfully complete this step.
Note that, you should have at least 11 ONE tokens in your Harmony wallet that is being registered to successfully completing the registration step.
Upon successfully registering you will be navigated to vault details page as shown below with all the relevant information regarding the registered vaults.
It is recommended to wait until the vault synchronization (as shown below) reaches 100%. This usually takes about 10-20 minutes after registering your vault. This is is final step and now your vault is ready to facilitate BTC transfers.
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